I can merely feel this snarling sensation beneath my skin
a shadow that casts around me
a shadow that we all call sin
ocean waft makes me shiver in pain
nonetheless I want to experience death
without hesitation I swim
cold as ice, deep as eyes
great, I am drowning
I’ve been longing this to happen


One damn shot of a lifetime ✨

I really hope you like the castles in the sky I built for you, just for you! and all the millions of astonishing clouds in the skyline blue I’m aware that fantasizing was the whole thing that I am capable to do since I am just a drip of water in an everyday morning dew. Rumor as it is as our paths were seemingly attracts

And its been 4 years of fantasizing to be exact and so did I beckoned this illusion an asymptote because we’re too close yet too far as what I’ve thought. I was on cloud nine as I had the chance to see your alluring pair of orbs as a matter of fact I am not enough for you to absorb. hello my universe, I am one of your falling stars. Thank you for letting me fall although the only thing I gain were just scars. 🖤

Pair of orbs

Days go longer and Nights go shorter.

It was dark, lovely and peaceful yet bloodcurdling night, the breeze sends chills in my spine, you held my hand so tight and suddenly we’ve seen how aesthetic the night sky was. I feel confused with the two I’ve been seeing. I feel confused on which one’s more stunning. Yet a pair of orbs seems alluring than the stars……